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Monday, 23 April 2012

Perfect ending...

Friendship ...there's nothing like true friendship is there?  The kind that picks up from where you left it, even after several years...friendships you've had for over 20 years and in one instance, known your entire life.

It's a time of reminiscing for me...lately I've come across friends I haven't seen for years, and the pang of nostalgia has hit me right in the heart.

In this ever changing world we live in, where we rush from here to there, where technology is changing so rapidly, and natural disasters are occurring the world over, it's nice to know that some things are constant...unchanging.  Yes, we've changed - we are older, a slightly more faded version of our former young and carefree selves...but we embrace these changes as they reflect the memories and time we have shared as friends.

This weekend was one such occasion.

Our dear friends from afar were in London on a visit.  They had brought along their daughter, who shares the same birthday as our daughter, born only hours apart.   As a fashion design student, a two week trip to London visiting all the famous fashion houses and enjoying numerous theatre productions was her 21st birthday treat.

Our friendship has ignited a natural friendship between our children over the years, and we smiled at each other knowingly as we watched our grown children laugh and chat about their childhood and their bright futures.   Having grown up with each other, they too are creating memories to laugh at and look back on with fondness.

Catching up was like being in a familiar place, a place so welcome and inviting, that you never want to leave...

We spent several hours at Laduree in Harrods, drinking the finest English tea, enjoying a delicious lunch and beautiful cakes...

A perfect ending to a perfect visit.

This post celebrates friendship - the love, the laughter, sometimes the sadness and the warmth that special friendships evoke.

To friendship!



  1. to friendship. beautiful photos - yummy yummy xx

  2. Oh Sharon how magical! I do so agree with you and simply loved reading your story. I have a dear friend or two I have known for over 20 years and these people are the treasures in my life. But wait - OMG! There is a Laduree at Harrods? I did not know that and can not wait to try it out on my next visit to London and the UK. Enjoy your week hon. Becks xxx

  3. Sharon, This is such a poignant post, and you have it exactly right. There is too much greed in the world today. The things that really matter are health, family and friends. Without them we are nothing. The rest is just a bonus.


  4. Love it, how very darling. I think everyone should have an afternoon tea once in a while. They are just fabulous and the perfect way to spend time with family and friends you don't get the opporutnity to see that often as it puts everyone in such a good mood x

  5. Wow Sharon what heavenly cakes and such a lovely post.
    Thanks for sharing, enjoy your week,
    Essie x

  6. Hi Sharon,
    You write very well, what a lovely tribute to friendship. Your desserts looked very delicious! You live in London? I wonder what that must be like, I have read so many stories that took place in London. Next to Paris, I would love to visit London.
    Have a lovely week,

  7. What a wonderful, poignant post! You're so right, I see some of my best friends from University about twice a year - some of them less since I moved out of London. When we do get together it's usually a whole gang of us with children, husbands, dogs and all. My twin daughters are 8 and my son is 10 but they have come to see my friends children as 'family', and although they rarely get to see them, they too 'pick up as they left off' in the same manner as their parents. It's so charming to see these friendships mirror our own.
    Okay - serious talk over - WOWZER at those Laduree Macarons - they are my absolute FAVOURITE - totally heavenly! This must be the perfect post - you made us laugh, you made us cry, you made us...hungry! x

  8. Hi Sharon! Thank you so much for visiting my blog and leaving such a lovely comment! I'm so glad you did! I love your blog! We have so much in common - including our name!! :) I love baking, interiors and I have the same interior book, French Home on my coffee table!! I'm following you and look forward to reading more! Love this post btw, Laduree - what a treat!! those cakes look divine!!



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