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Saturday, 30 June 2012

Wall Power

Weather is blustery and rain is before the heavens open up I'm going for a quick cycle along the beachfront....

I know I've done a post of how to decorate walls, but how about we take a closer look?
  I love going into a room where the walls are filled with art, pictures, wall sconces etc, something that allows the eye to roam...

and...if you don't decorate the walls, then the surroundings need to be interesting to detract from the bare walls...

This last image has a bare facebrick wall....but the wall itself is the focal point...rough brick teamed with a few slick furnishings, give this loft style apartment a wow factor
(all images via Pinterest)

Have a great weekend everyone!

until next time...

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

In the kitchen

Hello everyone, and a special warm welcome to new followers and old friends...thank you for joining me on this journey!

So glad you all liked my bicycle, however with the weather we've been having, I haven't been cycling as much as I would have liked!
(a very cute photo from a cup of Jo blogspot)

The focus this week is on kitchens...kitchens are more the hub of the home than ever before, with many people preferring to renovate and expand existing kitchen/dining rooms to make one big open plan family room.

A less formal feel gives a feeling of casual comfort and can immediately put your guests at ease.  It's also a way of getting friends involved and helping out at dinner parties!

I love the informal feel of these kitchens - they are all quite rustic looking, with open shelving and storage on show.  For some this might be clutter, to others just right.  It all depends on how you want to live and what look you are going for.   

(all images courtesy of Pinterest)

Have a great week...

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Off to the beach we go...

Forgive me for not posting so regularly, I've had a busy few weeks again.

The weather has been beautiful these last few days, and today I succumbed to the temptation to leave everything and cycle down to the beach front!  Yes, I've finally bought a new bicycle, or should I say it was a birthday gift from my lovely hubby.

My bike still has remnants of  our Jubilee celebrations...but I'm thinking of keeping it on...

So today, with the beach in front of me, the seagulls crying overhead, I'm thinking of sea cottages, clapboard houses, sea washed pebbles and white, blue and grey interiors  and all the subtle colours one finds at the sea.

I think when you live at the seaside, you can get away with being ott (over the top) people expect to see a little of the seaside in the interior...

sea green and coral...

If you live at the sea, you've got to have a pair of these - I just love them don't you?

I know the it's all a bit too obvious - but I do love the crab...

(all images courtesy of Pinterest)

Let's sit down and relax and wait for the weekend...

Take care

Saturday, 16 June 2012


After weeks of rain we now have wind - gusty, blowy, dust in your eye kind of wind!  Seems like we are having Autumnal winds in June!

I love this space, it has everything I love, wooden floors, large windows, oversized mirror, props on the mantlepiece, an old worn rug and a great painting propped against the wall.
Colours are kept to a minimum with splashes of orange/red in the rug and the velvet upholstered chair!

(image via Pinterest)

I'm wondering if we're going to skip summer altogether and launch straight into Autumn...

Have a great weekend.

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Hackers beware!

Hello everyone, my email and google accounts have been hacked and everyone on my contact list was sent an email of a suspicious nature!

Apologies to all bloggers who received a random email from my address asking for funds!  Needless to say, please ignore!

As my contact list was also stolen, I was unable to email you all to explain the suspicious email!

 At present I have disabled ANYONE from reading/commenting on my blog except blog owners and I have also changed my email address.  

After many hours of work, this has now been sorted out and my accounts are secure again.

Once again, apologies!

Have a great week!

Friday, 8 June 2012

Eclectic me...

All of these images make me feel I want to sit down and enjoy the surroundings, it's the wall art, the colours and patterns and the light and the sometimes dark surroundings

(all images courtesy Pinterest)

Thank you for all comments on my previous posts...I do enjoy reading them!

Well, the sun's got to come out sometime...
in the meantime, enjoy the weekend!


Monday, 4 June 2012


Hi everyone, this is one of those 'whatever else takes my fancy' kind of posts! 

It's Diamond Jubilee time here in England, and even if you're not a Royalist, one cannot help but be swept up in the celebrations!

The flags are a flying, the bunting is out, and they even sold out of icing sugar in two large local supermarkets!

The Historical Dockyard in Portsmouth had a Victorious Vintage event over two days, here are some photos of delicious vintage...

Hamilton Studios offering a vintage photo shoot complete with makeup and hair and a selection of vintage clothing to dress up in...

Vintage ladies from Betty Blues

Vintage furniture by Hildas Lounge

HMS Victory - Lord Nelson's ship flying the flag...

The lovely ladies from Lovely Cakes - I can testify that their cakes are delicious!

Proper vintage singalong

One of the  'Frank and Dean' crooners...keeping the spirit of a different era  alive and well

HMS Warrior dressed up for the occasion

Can't have a festival without a clown...

local shops dressed up in their finery

and finally tasty treats

Enjoy the week