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Monday, 4 June 2012


Hi everyone, this is one of those 'whatever else takes my fancy' kind of posts! 

It's Diamond Jubilee time here in England, and even if you're not a Royalist, one cannot help but be swept up in the celebrations!

The flags are a flying, the bunting is out, and they even sold out of icing sugar in two large local supermarkets!

The Historical Dockyard in Portsmouth had a Victorious Vintage event over two days, here are some photos of delicious vintage...

Hamilton Studios offering a vintage photo shoot complete with makeup and hair and a selection of vintage clothing to dress up in...

Vintage ladies from Betty Blues

Vintage furniture by Hildas Lounge

HMS Victory - Lord Nelson's ship flying the flag...

The lovely ladies from Lovely Cakes - I can testify that their cakes are delicious!

Proper vintage singalong

One of the  'Frank and Dean' crooners...keeping the spirit of a different era  alive and well

HMS Warrior dressed up for the occasion

Can't have a festival without a clown...

local shops dressed up in their finery

and finally tasty treats

Enjoy the week

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  1. What a fun festival that must have been! Great photos!
    Hugs Cindy


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