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Friday, 24 February 2012

Dreaming of...

A new bicycle so that I can cycle to the beach instead of walking...I've been looking at bicycles for 2 years now and can't make up my mind...

want to relax on a deck chair and stare out at the sea and just feel the warmth of the sun on my face...(hurry up summer!)

with a good book

and a camera on hand

(all images pinterest)

Have a lovely weekend everyone...


Wednesday, 22 February 2012


I've always loved pottery, having found this hobby in my late teens and spending two nights a week for two years, wedging, throwing and glazing my creations.  

Even in winter, when the clay was wet and cold and the studio freezing, I went along and learned the art of shaping mounds of clay into useful objects.  I used to take home crooked teapots, wonky cups and dodgy plates, but I loved it.  I did eventually learn to throw cups that were completely round and plates that weren't buckled, but of course, today, wonky ware and organic shapes seem to be 'in fashion'...

There's something about getting your hands into clay...

So when I came across these lovely pieces, I had to share them with you...

Such exquisite shapes and colours

love these organic shapes

kirstie van noort

cutlery in porcelain

Rainbow of colour
(source unknown)


look at these beautiful tags with inspiring inscriptions....

Beautiful ceramic labels

Wall art
element clay (etsy)


I've added the links as the products are worthy of a closer look.

And nothing completes a post without

Whatever you are doing,
 may you be inspired today!


Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Shrove Tuesday - time for pancakes

Historically pancakes were a way of using up various rich ingredients, like milk sugar and eggs, before the fasting season of the 40 days for Lent.

This tradition is said to have originated in Olney when a housewife who was making pancakes before church, forgot the time, and ran along to church carrying her frying pan, flipping her pancake!

Many villages  and towns in England still celebrate Shrove Tuesday with pancake races.  In Olney, a pancake race still takes place every Shrove Tuesday. 

It seems the whole world loves pancakes in some shape or form, and we've all got our own favourite way of eating them.

I make a lot of pancakes throughout the year, as my family love them.

Traditionally in South Africa, we eat them with cinnamon sugar, which is mixed together and put in a sugar shaker and shaken over the pancakes before they are rolled up and then drizzled with syrup or honey.  A squeeze of lemon is always added to give bite to the otherwise sweet pancake!

I use the same recipe I've been using for years...I no longer measure anything, but here are approximate measurements:

1 cup plain flour
1/2 cup self raising flour
1 cup of milk
2 eggs
Some water to thin down
about 25ml of sunflower oil to stop it sticking in the pan
pinch of sea salt

Mix all ingredients together.  It shouldn't be too thick or too runny.  I use water because I don't want it too rich.  If it's still too thick, add some more water.  Leave the batter to rest for about 1/2 an hour.  Heat your crepe pan with a little butter and a tiny splash of sunflower oil.  Add just enough batter to cover the pan and when the edges start to crinkle you can pry away from the edges with a flat knife and then you can flip (if you're brave enough!)  Turn over and fry until small golden brown spots appear on the bottom of your pancake.  It's shouldn't be too brown and neither too pale!

Like so...

Whether you like Nutella in your pancakes, cinnamon and sugar, or just plain sugar and lemon, pancakes are a quick way of bringing a smile to those hungry faces around your table!

Happy Pancake Day!



Weekend Finds

Our favourite Saturday morning downtime is usually spent in this lovely art deco bistro which started out life as a butchery.  You can just see the original tiling on the left wall as well as the original wrought iron railings where the meat used to hang.  In the middle hangs a lovely white art deco lamp, but the sun was out and so you can't see it clearly.  It has a lovely old worldly feel and the simple wooden tables and bentwood chairs are packed tightly together, but not intrusively so.

And it's always a great weekend, when even though you aren't particularly on the hunt for something outstanding, you find it anyway!

I cannot resist any form of charity shop or antique shop,  and so after a leisurely breakfast we passed a charity shop I browse in often.  I have a way of scanning a room, and quickly assessing whether there is anything worthy of a closer inspection.  On the floor, propped against the wall, just peeking out from behind another large painting was this

Original drawings of Hampton Court Palace, signed and dated 1922.  

It's hard to capture the pencil drawings in a photograph, perhaps they are a student's architectural study of the front facade.

And then few days ago I received my Vintage Toile de Jouy  fabric which I ordered from Ebay.   It's thick slubby linen and is printed with flowers and birds.

I might use this as a wide trim for curtains.

Wishing you a lovely day!



Saturday, 18 February 2012

A Pretty form of Crochet

It's weekend again...leisure time, a trip to our favourite place for  breakfast, great expresso and a flip through the newspapers while we're there and perhaps a walk along the beach front will be in order.  

(image Pinterest)

 I'm deviating a little from my usual interiors and flower posts to bring you

an unusual way of using crochet ...

So many of my fellow bloggers crochet such beautiful blankets and cushions, I thought I would share with you my crocheted towels, guest towels and face cloths.  Yes, indeed this is very unusual as I have never seen crochet on these items before, except on vintage tablecloths and pillow cases.  If any of you have seen such items, I'd love you to share it with me.

These were crocheted by my mother in law and were given to me as gift one Christmas.  Quite a labour of love I would say, to crochet this lovely trim for a towel!

The crochet is done with very fine wool or embroidery thread and then carefully sewn on the towel, along the top of the crochet and onto the sides of the towels leaving the bottom part of the crochet free, to allow for expansion when wet I suppose.    The bath towel has also been threaded with ribbon.  I've used this towel and it's twin bath towel several times and washed it in the washing machine and it comes out perfect every time.

It's a beautiful gift to receive, quite vintage looking and very unique and would look very much at home in the cottagey interiors we all seem to love...

I thought it might interest you and give you inspiration to use crochet on something that you might not have thought of before.

What do you think, cute or cringe worthy?

Happy Crocheting...



Thursday, 16 February 2012

Cupboard Love

Good morning everyone!

Thank you for all your lovely comments on my Valentine's Day Tea Party...and welcome to my new followers - thank you for joining me on this journey.

Did you all enjoy Valentine's Day...

perhaps receive an unexpected posy in the post?

or bunch of flowers from a friend who said thank you 

the pink of these roses is exquisite - a deep cerise pink

But now for some serious cupboard love ...

Not sure about you, but choosing a cupboard is not just about choosing a's about that gasp of breath when you first set your eyes on it, it's about the colour, the design, and how it speaks to your soul....never mind what it needs to hold...that all comes later...

Cupboards and chests of drawers can be a serious addition to any living space... there is so much you can do to transform a simple pine chest of drawers into something quite unique 

I know one fellow blogger was particularly taken with a cabinet that I had featured on my French Style post that looked similar to this one - this is from


I've an idea you will all love this one - wonder why??

This is an absolute favourite, the epitome of romantic style...

Love the look of the dark walls with the light furniture
(image found on DesignSponge)

swags and tails

Minimalism was never my style - love this organised chaos!

very modern, very clever under the stairs storage

Whimsical hand painted furniture

Art Deco love

Striped and modern

Distressed Turquoise

Cupboard you fall in love at first sight, or are you more practical, thinking of it's purpose?

Wishing you a lovely day....