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Friday, 10 February 2012

Pastel style

The end of the week, time to wind down, kick off the heels and relax a while... some soothing images to help you along your way...

white and light and pastels

floaty and feminine...

cool blues and greens - love this colour combination and especially the design of the chair backs.

pastel pleasure...

Florals and stripes

(all photos from Pinterest)

Wishing you all a lovely weekend....



  1. I love pastels...beautiful post......happy weekend

  2. Just beautiful...I have a small old drop leaf table in green like those chairs. ;D

  3. Hey lovely,

    These are so gorgeous!! My mum loves pastels so I always feel completely at home when I see them in rooms. So pretty!


  4. Hello my dear,
    I hope your day is sunny and bright! Mine certainly is, the sun is streaming in through my kitchen showing up every piece of dust and finger print!
    I love the first image! It's really beautiful,isn't it. The rest are lovely too, the dining room with the striped bench is amazing!


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