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Thursday, 9 February 2012

Boldness in Colour - Jonathan Adler

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There's something about Jonathan Adler's interiors that really appeals to me.
I really love colour and I love his sense of fun which seem to be part of all his interiors.

He is never afraid to push the boundaries, yet he works within the elements of any good design scheme, taking them all into consideration; symmetry, balance, proportion...

(Can you spot the ship shaped chandelier above)

He is not afraid to use bold colour and to reinterpret designs.  
His fondness of pattern can be seen in the wide use of geometric patterns in rugs and wallpaper.

Although not to everyone's taste, you have to admire these carefully and considerately put together spaces.  

(all photos via google and Pinterest)

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  1. Jonathan Adler has a fabulous style! I love his use of color and symmetry, really nice! I love the chevron rug and the grey room with blue w/t's is fabulous!
    Have a wonderful weekend, dear girl.
    Hugs, Cindy


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