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Saturday, 4 February 2012


We were all waiting for it to snow last night, and thought we would wake up to a lovely white blanket of freshly fallen snow... but sadly it didn't - but it's a chilly -10C this morning which is the coldest I can remember!  

A word of thanks to all my followers, I am grateful to be sharing with you.  
I appreciate all your comments, and although I don't  always reply individually, I can assure you they all make me smile.

So here's to.....

LOVE means different things to different people, but I think we can all revel in a bit of lighthearted fun when it's Valentine's Day!

Valentine's day in our house isn't a big 'deal' but it does involves the whole family - it's an opportunity to say 'I love you and you're special!' TOGETHER  we celebrate with the world that tiny little word called LOVE and I've always bought my children a gift, something small, a token of my love and usually doesn't involve anything to do with chocolates and sweets.... and my baking doesn't look anything like this...

(image Nicky Grant)

(isn't this cute?)

but this year I'm baking special Valentine's treats as well using these lovely baking accessories ...

I'm going to have fun with these!

Now that they're grown up the gifts change as well.

Don't you just love these earrings?  The have the word 'angel' written on the one heart - my daughter's nickname!


(both images from Etsy by Paper Memoirs)

This would be bunting for my other daughter -Honeybee would love this

or this...
(image from Etsy by AKADecorativeArt)

and definitely these
(image from Etsy by Laura Stark)

Personalised stationery with your special someone's initials... (I love the pictures of the birds and their nests on the inside of the envelopes) 
(images from Etsy by Freshly Skweezed)

I absolutely love this little doll with the heart don't you?
(Image from Etsy by Bela Stitches, from Warsaw Poland)

Jewellery is always a winner with girls...
(image from Etsy by NellBellDesigns)

a boho style handbag

and let's not forget the men in our life!

(image from Etsy by LukeLampCo)

I love this!
(image from Etsy by rockapplewood)

Build your own Solar Powered USB Charger - I know a certain someone would love to fiddle around with this!
 (Image from Etsy by BrownDogGadgets)

a pair of tickets to a big game?

A bottle of Dom Perignon Rose 1998??? (eeekkk!!)

(I got a little carried away when I started looking for 'boy' gifts - they are so much harder to buy for!)

And of course you all noticed how my 'small gifts' turned into 'big spend' which is not entirely what I had in mind!

And if Hubby were buying for little old me I could give him a hint in the right direction, couldn't I....?

I know one is not supposed to 'covet', but I 'covet' these beautiful pair of candlesticks!

(images from


one of the most enjoyable gifts for the entire family - a picnic hamper-  a check woollen blanket, a couple of fold up easy chairs, and a wicker basket filled with the most delectable goodies for everyone to enjoy!  

A game of rounders anyone?

Shew!! I think I'm all 'valentined' out now!

What will you be doing on Valentine's day?



  1. HI, I have posted a little something for you over on my blog.
    Happy weekend.

  2. I would love to receive that gorgeous pair of candlesticks! I will make a special meal for the love of my life, he will appreciate it, I know. I also have a card for him with a chocolate heart on it. I gave my older grand children each a box of heart candies with messages on them. I sent my Valentine grand daughter (born on Feb.14) a special pack of stationary with her initial on it.
    I love some of your gift suggestions, especially the boho handbag, very nice. Also the little doll with the heart made by Bela Stitches, so-o-o-o sweet!
    Hugs, Cindy

    1. You're a real sweetie Cindy...Have a great day! xx


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