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Thursday, 2 February 2012

Bedroom bliss

A beautiful sunny morning with blue skies...a chilly -2C for us down south! (which I know is mild compared to further up North!)

My crocuses before they opened

A day or so later and they opened in the warmth of the sun

A close up - how magnificent is nature!

Lately I seem to be drawn to the combination of reds and pinks, and it really works!

A beautiful guest bedroom, the lighting, the tailored bedspreads, the matching poofs at the end of the bed all create a perfect symmetry- note the red AND pink combination 

I love the mohair blankets on the bed

Now this is my kind of bedroom, I love the shape of the bed, the colour scheme - a rose madder red and reflected in the mirror you can just glimpse the grey and white of the curtains (and I do like that mirror!)

Cottage style red and white -  The wood panelling gives it a quaint Nordic feel and the stripes, florals and check fabrics create a cheerful looking bedroom.

Pink wallpaper and ceiling teamed with an antique barley twist bed and a striped rug makes this cosy warm room.
(all images via Pinterest and

And finally, this lovely shabby chic bedroom from a delightful blog that I came across -

true DIY bliss!

Enjoy your day!


  1. Your crocusses look gorgeous! I've never seen them growing in pots before. SO sweet!

    I LOVE the bed covers in that first photo - so tailored and lovely!


  2. Lovely pictures Sharon, I especially like the last one with roses in vases beside the bed! They remind me of hot summer days and how much I wish they were here now! Alas, snow is forecast for tomorrow night........
    Have a lovely weekend & thank you so much for following my blog, its much appreciated!
    Essie x

  3. Hi Sharon,lovely piccies,Crocus my favourit I ve awarded you with the verstile blogger award,pop on over to mine to collect,;O) lots of love,juliexxx,

  4. Hello darling Sharon, thank you for visiting me and for your lovely comment.
    You're always welcome!
    Very cute images!
    Have a nice WE


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