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Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Weekend Finds

Our favourite Saturday morning downtime is usually spent in this lovely art deco bistro which started out life as a butchery.  You can just see the original tiling on the left wall as well as the original wrought iron railings where the meat used to hang.  In the middle hangs a lovely white art deco lamp, but the sun was out and so you can't see it clearly.  It has a lovely old worldly feel and the simple wooden tables and bentwood chairs are packed tightly together, but not intrusively so.

And it's always a great weekend, when even though you aren't particularly on the hunt for something outstanding, you find it anyway!

I cannot resist any form of charity shop or antique shop,  and so after a leisurely breakfast we passed a charity shop I browse in often.  I have a way of scanning a room, and quickly assessing whether there is anything worthy of a closer inspection.  On the floor, propped against the wall, just peeking out from behind another large painting was this

Original drawings of Hampton Court Palace, signed and dated 1922.  

It's hard to capture the pencil drawings in a photograph, perhaps they are a student's architectural study of the front facade.

And then few days ago I received my Vintage Toile de Jouy  fabric which I ordered from Ebay.   It's thick slubby linen and is printed with flowers and birds.

I might use this as a wide trim for curtains.

Wishing you a lovely day!



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  1. What a great find Sharon, well done you!
    Have a good day too, Essie x


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