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Thursday, 16 February 2012

Cupboard Love

Good morning everyone!

Thank you for all your lovely comments on my Valentine's Day Tea Party...and welcome to my new followers - thank you for joining me on this journey.

Did you all enjoy Valentine's Day...

perhaps receive an unexpected posy in the post?

or bunch of flowers from a friend who said thank you 

the pink of these roses is exquisite - a deep cerise pink

But now for some serious cupboard love ...

Not sure about you, but choosing a cupboard is not just about choosing a's about that gasp of breath when you first set your eyes on it, it's about the colour, the design, and how it speaks to your soul....never mind what it needs to hold...that all comes later...

Cupboards and chests of drawers can be a serious addition to any living space... there is so much you can do to transform a simple pine chest of drawers into something quite unique 

I know one fellow blogger was particularly taken with a cabinet that I had featured on my French Style post that looked similar to this one - this is from


I've an idea you will all love this one - wonder why??

This is an absolute favourite, the epitome of romantic style...

Love the look of the dark walls with the light furniture
(image found on DesignSponge)

swags and tails

Minimalism was never my style - love this organised chaos!

very modern, very clever under the stairs storage

Whimsical hand painted furniture

Art Deco love

Striped and modern

Distressed Turquoise

Cupboard you fall in love at first sight, or are you more practical, thinking of it's purpose?

Wishing you a lovely day....



  1. I love the under stairs storage - what a great idea!

  2. I love those photographs! And such a lovely blog to have found, thank you, Janex

  3. Hey lovely,

    I'm lusting after that distressed turquoise's LOVELY!! what a great post - so much to ogle!!



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