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Saturday, 31 December 2011

Here's to a simpler 2012!

Dear friends, thank you so much for visiting my blog over the past few months, I've loved receiving your comments!  

Here's to all of us, to a more peaceful 2012, to a less stressful life, to enjoying the simple things, to 'less is more' in terms of material things, to a greener way of living, and to contentment, which is not reliant on the external, but an internal state of being.

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Tasty treats for the holidays

This is an old recipe of mine for Macaroons, they are not the same as the delicious iconic Macaroons from the very famous Laduree, but they are equally delicious and slightly chewy...


200g Ground almonds
250g sugar
2ml vanilla essence
2 egg whites
Water for brushing
Whole almonds for decoration

Mix the almonds, sugar and essence together.  Beat the egg whites until soft peaks.  Mix with the almond mixture until thoroughy blended.  You should be able to make small balls and place on a  tray lined with baking parchment.  Flatten the macaroons slightly and place a whole almond in the middle.  Brush with water.  Bake in a preheated oven at 180C for 10-15 minutes until golden.

I think a good expresso would go down well with these -enjoy!

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Rus en Vrede (roughly translated meaning rest and peace...)

Wonderful to have a house full of people coming and going....but equally wonderful to have everything 'back to normal' after the festivities...I do so enjoy the days leading up to Christmas and then the GREAT DAY itself, but I LOVE the peace and tranquility of the days that follow...there's no more rushing around trying to get things done...


I shall enjoy the next few days leading up to New Year and will leave the mad rush for the sales to those who cannot help themselves!

Saturday, 24 December 2011

Madelief Giveaway

Dear friends, as this year draws to a close....before you sign off, visit Madelief blogspot for some inspiration on interiors, homebakes and beautiful photographs...

The essence of Christmas

Well dear friends, we're nearly is Christmas Eve....time to wind down, take a deep breath, sit down with loved ones.....laugh a little, forget about Christmas day lunch, the table, the presents and whether or not your guests will enjoy the new dessert the end it's not about how much was spent on the gift, but the time you spend with the loved one you are buying the gift for.  It's not about cooking the most elaborate Christmas meal, but enjoying quality time 'breaking bread' at the table with family and friends.  Time to reflect on 2011, the highs the lows, the inbetweens...and to look forward to a healthy and peaceful 2012!

Wishing you all a very MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

May the PEACE that surpasses all understanding, envelope your family this Christmas!

Thursday, 15 December 2011

still painting fruit

I wish I had time to paint EVERYDAY, because I've heard practice makes better paintings (don't want to use the word perfect!)  but unfortunately with Christmas LOOMING, I think I might need to take a break and concentrate on 'getting things ready' for the Christmas weekend....needless to say, these are 'oranges' as if they need any introduction....

and I don't know about you, but I still have a few pressies to buy....why do I always leave it to the last minute???

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Christmas Cheer

When the children were little I used to bake a lot of Christmas biscuits like Lavender Heart biscuits or Ginger biscuits and I thought I would pass it up this year as the children are getting older, I thought they wouldn't notice, but unfortunately they have and I've been reminded by my eldest to start baking!!

So I spent this afternoon baking these delicious honey biscuits, shaped like hearts.....time to snuggle up on the sofa in candlelight with your loved ones with a cup of cocoa and some home bakes....

 I don't think I'm off the hook yet, more baking awaits me!

until next time....

Friday, 9 December 2011

Wild at Heart!

More table ideas - too much to chose from and so little time....a while ago I came across this delightful florist in London - WILD AT HEART - they have lovely ideas for centre pieces for your table as well as wreaths...

Really love these candle cloches

 A lavender wreath

 Crown candle holder

Lantern candle holder

I especially love the aged look of the candle holders don't you? - photos of course are from their website.

Tuesday, 6 December 2011


Christmas time always make me think of the traditions we have as a family, traditions created by past generations or perhaps something that you have started in your own family... do you have certain traditions at Christmas time?

For many years now, our family have Prawns on Christmas Eve...we love all seafood...and so my husband will go to the fresh fish market and buy the largest prawns he can, fresh from the sea...he'll stand in the kitchen cleaning the prawns (which take hours!) leaving the heads on, and sometimes the girls will help him recent years our son helps him. The  prawns are usually barbequed or put in the oven for literally a few minutes until pink and plump.  Served with plain basmati rice, garlic and lemon butter and a peri peri sauce the prawns makes for a real feast with a simple green salad.

Although eating seafood is not limited to Christmas time, our family really love this tradition and can't wait to get stuck into pulling the heads of the prawns and devouring those plump delicacies....piles of shiny pink shell piled high on a plate with contented shiny faces all round make for a happy tradition!

Eating a meatless dish on Christmas Eve is also shared by the Italians from the South of Italy, when they celebrate the Feast of the Seven Fishes, also known as The different seafood dishes are eaten at the meal.  This celebration is to commemorate Vigilia de Natalia, for the midnight birth of Jesus.  This tradition of eating seafood on Christmas Eve goes back to the Roman Catholic tradition of abstaining from meat and dairy products on a Fridays and specific holy days..(a bit of a history lesson here!)

The wonderful thing is, we never know when something we start doing with our family become the traditions of future generations.

until next time

Friday, 2 December 2011

Shades of Grey

I LOVE colour, I've told you all before, but somehow I'm being drawn to use grey as my main colour on my Christmas table...I've found some beautiful grey candles which are quite unusual but grey is definitely my colour of choice this festive season


A beautifully pressed tablecloth...with handsome vintage cutlery
(Bluebells and Lavender)

Napkin rings and freshly pressed napkins

(Bluebells and Lavender)

A beautiful crystal candlelabra

crystal glasses

A few tealights to add sparkle
(Ella James

and if you really like sparkle - perhaps a few crystals to add the extra shine


Flowers for the table which blend in with the subtle grey tones of the table.


No table would be complete without home made crackers for your loved ones

 (Bluebells and Lavender)
(Bluebells and Lavender)

and what about some tiny silvery grey organza bags of sugared almonds for your guests....
(Bluebells and Lavender)

An elegant and refined dining table without too much clutter!

until next time....