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Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Off to the beach we go...

Forgive me for not posting so regularly, I've had a busy few weeks again.

The weather has been beautiful these last few days, and today I succumbed to the temptation to leave everything and cycle down to the beach front!  Yes, I've finally bought a new bicycle, or should I say it was a birthday gift from my lovely hubby.

My bike still has remnants of  our Jubilee celebrations...but I'm thinking of keeping it on...

So today, with the beach in front of me, the seagulls crying overhead, I'm thinking of sea cottages, clapboard houses, sea washed pebbles and white, blue and grey interiors  and all the subtle colours one finds at the sea.

I think when you live at the seaside, you can get away with being ott (over the top) people expect to see a little of the seaside in the interior...

sea green and coral...

If you live at the sea, you've got to have a pair of these - I just love them don't you?

I know the it's all a bit too obvious - but I do love the crab...

(all images courtesy of Pinterest)

Let's sit down and relax and wait for the weekend...

Take care


  1. Cycling down to the beach is a joy, isn't it. I love it. A bike with a basket is essential isn't it for getting you in the carefree vibe. Nearly the weekend! Have a good one.

  2. Great pictures. Very soothing. Have fun at the beach!!


  3. A great bike Sharon, perfect for a cycle down to the beach!
    Love your photos - I wish I lived closer to the sea, every time we travel down to the coast and I see the sea it just has this hugely relaxing effect. Even on a stormy day. Bliss!
    My blog is seriously neglected at the moment - there has been lots on and just when I was thinking about getting back to it I've been struck down by a nasty dose of tonsilitis so that's not nice!
    Anyway, hope that you have a super weekend,
    Essie x

  4. Lovely pictures Sharon!
    I bought a new bike too yesterday! I'm madly in love with it and it's English leather seat and probably will post about it in the future too..
    You should absolutely keep the banner on! Here in Copenhagen people put flower-garlands on their bikes all the times, it's really nice!

    1. wow.. that English wasn't too good was it ;) But you get what I mean.. ( I must visit Ireland soon to keep it up I think!)

  5. Wonderful bike Sharon!
    I also already have my dream bike.
    Beautiful pictures, I like this style of summer.
    But where is summer? Probably in Poland :)
    Have a good weekend !

  6. Hi Sharon, it's working! I can finally visit your blog again :)

    How I wish I could be at the beach today. Since yesterday the days have been very hot, about 90F. I love it, but with a sea breeze it would be much better.

    Your new bike is beautiful, I love the basket. Enjoy it!

  7. Olá, Sharon linda seleção de idéias.!
    Passear de bicicleta é tudo de bom, ainda mais na praia...doraria morar perto do mar, que delícia!
    Amiga querida, bjos e um ótimo final de semana.

  8. Oh Sharon, I am currently OBSESSED with riding a gorgeous bicycle along country lanes and to the beach - a wonderful fantasy me, but how AMAZING that it's a reality for you, you lucky thing!
    Wonderful dreamy images - lovely post, and I just adore your new bicycle - I've just written a post about bicycles as a hint to my own husband - perhaps I should leave your blog open on the desktop as well - lol!!!
    Best wishes,
    Paula xxx

  9. I hope that you enjoy your new bike, and I need to jump on my own and go for a ride. And also thank you for your blog visit to mine, have a very nice weekend folks. Richard

  10. These are all beautiful seaside inspiration photos...the colors are restful and make me want to go there!

  11. Love your new bike! Would love one in pale pink. Gorgeous beachy shots, I particularly like the first two. They're lovely and fresh but soothing at the same time. Glad the sun has finally come out. As you say - time to relax!!


  12. Hi Sharon,
    So happy to have found you blog via Mrs Sutton.
    I love your new bike and think you should keep your Jubilee decoration on it for as long as possible. Perhaps adding to it for the Olympics!!
    Look forward to keeping up with your blog.
    Hope you have a lovely day,

  13. Hello Sharon I just found your lovely blog...Thanks for sharing all these beautiful photographs...
    Hugs from Amsterdam

  14. I saw this hop on over to the beach post and had to hop on over! I love the twin beds with duvets on the ends. A perfect place for two little granddaughters!

  15. nice posting.. thanks for sharing.


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