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Tuesday, 1 May 2012

TV Finale ...

It seems we all have the same problem with the TV and I've been on a mission to see how one can solve this problem.

I've found a few more solutions - what do you think?

I love this ...shutters mounted over the TV, or perhaps just propped in front...this together with the armoire from A Cottage in Totteridge, is my looks good and it's an economical solution!

A TV as wall art with a permanent picture when not switched on is also a favourite, as are the quirky vintage finds juxtaposed on the wall.

I can't look at this without cringing...(apologies in advance if any of you have a TV on your mantlepiece - it's not my intention to offend anyone!)I know it's a bedroom -  a private space and what a beautiful room it is, but a TV on the mantle...??

but we all cry 'where else can we put it!'  I think this one definitely needs shutters to cover it don't you?

At the very least a beautiful painted canvas!

So I'll put this one to bed and leave it up to more to be said on the subject.

I'd like to know which one you prefer the armoire, shutters or the wall art?
Until next time 


  1. It sure is a common problem these days. Funny enough we thought about putting ours on the mantle as it was the only big wall in the room - but we stopped short of that as it looked terrible. I love the idea of shutters, and the artwork is good too. I would love it if someone invented a flat screen tv in an old frame which when turned off looked like a mirror. That would be perfect!

  2. I think I like the shutters best. I'm so glad we don't have that problem. No TV in our house, yay! We watch the occasional DVD on my laptop.
    Hugs, Cindy

  3. The shutters are cute, but I have to confess I have given up on hiding our gigantic telly - hubby just loves it too much, lol! Becks x


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