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Friday, 17 August 2012

Actions and consequences

Hi everyone, This is not my usual interior post but I thought I would share this with you.

  As most of you know, I've recently acquired a bicycle.
 Since receiving this lovely gift from my husband for my birthday, I've enjoyed several long cycle rides, either alone or with my husband.  Cycling has given me a different kind of freedom, and one that I enjoy immensely!

We have several bicycles at home, but none as lovely as my vintage look bike!  Now my daughter gyms and  recently asked to use my bicycle.  Of course I didn't hesitate but I did mention that if my bicycle was stolen, she would have to replace it.  This statement was met with a rolling of the eyes and a flippant laugh!  Oh Mum, nobody is going to steal your bicycle!!!  You know what's coming next don't you???

Amidst the celebrations of the Olympic closing ceremony on Sunday night, my iphone rang out desperately. In between sobs my daughter explained my bicycle had been STOLEN!!!

I was as calm as a sleepy kitten, which for those of you who know me, is extremely unusual in such circumstances!  My husband went off to collect her and I waited patiently at home. I knew she was feeling awful at this point.  

I didn't see my daughter that night.  She was too upset to talk, and so she slipped away to shower and retreated to her bedroom.  The next morning I waited patiently for her to approach me.  She was clearly distressed.  She apologised and said she would buy me a new bicycle....

At this point I wanted to crumble and hug her and tell her it's all right, she didn't need to buy me a new bicycle, I would buy it....but something inside told me that this is all part of becoming a wiser human being and if I do this, she loses out on a valuable life lesson.  So I thanked her and gave her a mummy hug.

Perhaps at this point I should say that my daughter is 21 years old, a full time uni student and has been working part time since she was 17 years old.  

In our family, we've taught our children that every action has a consequence.  If the choice was a good one, the consequences are always pleasant.  Sometimes they don't listen to good advice and decide to go ahead anyway and they inevitably have to live with the consequences of that action albeit a minor unpleasant one. This is how we learn about life and these experiences are part of what makes us stronger and wiser...

So tell me, good people, how do you deal with actions = consequences?

Or perhaps you don't believe actions have consequences at all...

What would you have done in similar circumstances?  

Leave a comment, I'd love to know.

Have a great weekend, I believe the weather down south is going to be HOT!!!

PS:  I've already ordered my new bicycle and hope to pick it up on Saturday, so a bike ride along the beach is on the cards!!



  1. Enjoy your weekend from am going to our shop right is so hot

  2. Hi Sharon,
    As a Mum, isn't it hard to follow through sometimes with our 'threats'?
    However, as our kids get older, I'm sure they'll learn to appreciate these life lessons.
    I love my boys, but can't just let them get away with everything.
    Hope you enjoy your new bike when it arrives.
    Have a lovely weekend,


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