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Wednesday, 14 November 2012

A tiny giveaway...just because

Hi everyone, and thank you all for your lovely comments on my previous posts (sometimes I forget to mention that!)

I mentioned before that I'm getting ready for Christmas and I've been busy crafting some of them and I've had such fun I thought I would share it with you!

I've been making clay hearts which I thought would look lovely hung on a few branches or twigs in a vase either for Christmas or Easter or just because they look so pretty!  They are extremely easy to make.  You need a slab of no bake clay, some detailed lace and a rolling pin!  

Roll out the clay to about 0.5cm thick depending on how thick you want your heart to be.  Lay the lace over the cloth and roll over with a rolling pin fairly firmly so that you can see the lace is embedded in the clay.  Gently remove the lace.  I did try and use cling film under the lace to prevent the lace from getting full of clay, but it didn't work  and my lace tablecloth is no worse for the wear anyway and didn't get clogged up with clay.

Now use your heart cookie cutters to cut out the hearts.  Smooth down the rough edges around the heart with a damp finger and make a small hole in the top using a knitting needle or a skewer.  Leave on a tray to dry preferably somewhere warm.  I left mine in an airing cupboard overnight!

To give an antique look to the hearts I used a used teabag and gently pressed down on the dry clay, on the sides and back of the heart.

The blue hearts I used acrylic paint watered down to give a very pale look

The purple hearts were on request from my daughter's friend.

Some of them I've left white, which are my personal favourites!  You'll notice some of them have a different design...I couldn't think what to use which would give me a pretty effect and then I remembered one of my glass plates on a stand has a patterned bottom which is ideal for this, so I turned the plate upside down and rolled and pressed the clay onto the underside of the plate, carefully removed it and then cut out the hearts

So two lucky (!!!) people will receive these little hearts - a set of three!

You can choose which colour you prefer, antique, white or blue.

If you would like a set, please sign up to FOLLOW ME and leave a comment below.
If you already follow me just leave a comment and I'll do a random pick next Wednesday!

So....are they you like???

Until next time


  1. I like it very much.

    1. Fruzka, I'm not able to link to your name. Would you please sign on to follow me and I can send you the hearts. Many thanks Sharon

  2. You're right Sharon, the idea is the same as the one used for the cookies. Your hearts look so beautiful. I myself prefer the white ones, I think the design details show more like this. They are great, I feel like making some too :)))


  3. I'm going to pin them to my pinterest :)


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