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Friday, 2 March 2012

Free style

Today I've decided (since it's weekend!!!) that I'm going to give you images of what I love....images that inspire my idea of a more relaxed living style.

They are simple spaces, but lovingly furnished.  These rooms have not been decorated by an interior designer, however they speak volumes about the people who live there.

  I hope you enjoy!

This image speaks to me on so many levels, it's got a real bohemian feel to it but with lots of light coming in ...lots of intricate patterns in the scrollwork on the cupboard windows as well as the lighting, which is once again echoed in the table cloth

This desk space appeals to my clutter instinct, I don't like things too pristine and I like things on display...I also like the raw unpainted wood

In this room, it's the paintings on the wall I love and wooden painted flooring, it's very rustic and simply furnished but it oozes vintage style

Couldn't resist squeezing in a flower or two...

This industrial style cupboard teamed with wicker baskets give this kitchen a rustic appeal 

Splashes of red give this wooden cabin a real rustic homemade feel

Beautiful panelling, weathered and old, a reused fire place surround, an simple lantern light fitting, a few object d'art, a bath and a toilet, what more does one want?

rustic coziness, rugs and poofs

Not quite as simple as the one above, but still it's only the turquoise walls and chandelier which scream 'interior designer' as the composed interior, worn chairs, really do give this space a rustic feel.

A vintage bedroom to dream in

This image of snow drops is from Amy Merrick's blog - An Apple A Day - she is an incredible florist as well as amazing photographer so if you haven't already, pop on over to her blog

Another photo from An Apple a Day 

So, whether you are gardening this weekend, snuggling up in a cozy corner with a good book, or taking a long walk - enjoy the weekend!

(all images from Pinterest except those stated above)



  1. Thank you for another lovely collection Sharon.
    Coincidentally I was just browsing through this month's edition of 'The English Home' and noticed a cottage where there were quite a few pieces picked out in the turquoise/green of your first photo. It really caught my eye and to me it's a great strong colour that draws out the pastels of the new season even more.
    Have a lovely weekend too,
    Essie x

  2. Those are fabulous images, all of them. I hope you had a good weekend. Hugs, Cindy

  3. So many gorgeous images here...the aged turquoise cupboard is fabulous!! Happily following your blog ~


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