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Monday, 26 March 2012

Something twinkly...

Hi everyone, we're having such sunny weather here in the south of England it just lifts ones spirits...

I'm not quite an eBay addict, but I visit intently....and buy sometimes.

I couldn't let these lovely candle wall sconces go to any home but my own...

I just love them..

They are from Niki at The Painted Room - and I can highly recommend this seller.  She sells beautiful antiques and shabby chic chandeliers and lighting.  She also has a blog which you can find on her lovely website:

These candle sconces are perfect for casting soft light...especially as I didn't want to do any rewiring!

Arrived lovingly bubble wrapped

These pics are from eBay.

I'm still on the hunt, but I love this plain looking bicycle...

Oh's officially Spring!!!

Flower photos from here a lovely little French blog...

Have a lovely week everyone....



  1. Hi Sharon,
    Thanks for the recommendation, I will check out that website. I spend far too much time trawling Ebay so it's great to hear about good sellers.
    Enjoy the sunshine!
    Essie x

  2. Those are beautiful candle sconces! I love them. I haven't never purchased anything on ebay, I should look at it occasionally at least.
    I'm glad to hear you are getting lots of sun! I like that simple, white bicycle, I would love to have one like that.
    Hugs, Cindy

  3. Love the sconces, they are beautiful. Love the bicycle too.

  4. I LOVE these, they could not be prettier! Like the white bike too...and it's finally Spring here too! :)

  5. Oh, I love the purple in your posts! So cheering after the winter. Thank you for sharing the beautiful things, (want the sconces and the bike!) and always nice to have a blog recommended to read too.


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