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Friday, 9 March 2012

Something for the weekend

Welcome bloggers and thanks for stopping by.

Thank you for your lovely comments on my last post and a warm welcome to new followers...

We're all so excited because buds have started to appear in gardens, and on trees, in parks and along winding country roads and you all know


 and I always post pics of colourful blooms ...

but I have a confession to make....

I love white flowers and I love blue flowers. 

My favourite white and blue blooms have to be Hyacinths for their heady scent and intricate flower head, and then white roses.

 (photo by me)

(photo by me)

I have no idea why I just like white and blue...perhaps it's because I used to have a entire front garden full of white iceberg roses, and I found the white very calming and the smell was so intoxicating in the heat of the South African sun, and my garden path which was lined with fragrant lavender....

and Lavender is so versatile, it smells divine, it keeps away mosquitoes (did you know that?)

Dried, it makes the most delicious biscuits and can be used in cakes as well.

or as filling in fabric hearts to hang in wardrobes to give your linen a lovely fresh smell.

(and no this is not my garden)

But this is slowly changing.

After watching Sarah Raven's programmes on TV,
I am being drawn to more colourful blooms.

Last 3 images from

(all images courtesy of Pinterest unless otherwise stated)

So's to a colourful Weekend!



  1. Such beautiful images! I love all colors of flowers, except for orange flowers. I find those to be so...not pretty. I have orange day lilies and I really don't like them.
    I love white very much and pink, purple and red, those are probably my favorite. Hyacinths are my all time favorite flower, though, I LOVE their heady smell.
    Enjoy your lovely Spring day.
    Hugs, Cindy

  2. All the flowers and in all colors are beautiful. Lovely post my friend:)

  3. Beautiful Sharon! Yes indeed Spring is finally on it's way and thank goodness for that!
    Many thanks for your kind words regarding my daughter - she just had a nasty cold and is much better now.
    Wishing you a lovely weekend,
    Essie x

  4. Sharon what a lot of beautiful flowers !!!...happy

  5. Well it is autumn here in NZ and we have all come down with our first horrible colds of the season, so seeing all these gorgeous flower photos on your post has really cheered me up! Lovely!!! I adore blue and white too - there is a simplicity about them that it so soothing. However, In my front garden I have planted a rose bush to represent each member of the family so we have everything from yellow to hot pink (it is indeed a riot of colour). Enjoy the magic of spring hon. Becks x


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