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Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Perfect cottage country

Hi everyone,  we're still enjoying such lovely weather, I can hear the birds tweeting and the bees buzzing away on my Lavender.  I've had a full month!  In fact, I've had visitors since the beginning of July, and I said goodbye to my last one today.  So it's back to our normal routine, and back to school for some.

Leaving you with calm romantic images of life in the country...doing it the pale and interesting and way.  I feel like I need some calmness and peace after the frenzy of the last few months!

(all images Pinterest)

P.S I still haven't perfected the mighty macaroon!  My third batch was more disappointing that the second!  They had little tails... I've had way too much sugar lately, so will wait for a month or two before diving head first into the castor sugar once more...

Have a lovely week!


  1. Hi Sharon,
    These picture perfect images are a million miles away from the bomb-site left by my boys getting them back to school and university!
    Lovely to look at.
    Have a great week,

  2. Hi Liz, I feel exactly the house is in dire need of some spring cleaning fairies to take charge and miraculously restore calm and order! Have a lovely day, Sharon x

  3. Beautiful images!!! I was oohing and awwwwing over all of them! I love white interiors, just something about them that calms me. Too bad about the macaroons, I'm sure you'll get the knack of them yet. :)
    Have a calm and lovely week. ~Cindy

  4. Oh Sharon - I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this post! Every single image is perfection. I know what you mean about the frenzy of the last few months too! These photos are all so calm and soothing - I just wish my house looked more like these - have some serious tidying and making over to do. Great inspiration here!


  5. Dear Liz,
    these are beautiful photographs!
    A word to the macaroons: they look delicious, and they don't need to look perfect to taste good! I translated a wonderful baking-book from English into German, "LEON. Baking & Puddings" by Henry Dimbleby - and to do that good, I baked every recipe. Even if one result didn't look absolutely perfect, the people in our house in Berlin enjoyed them nevertheless!
    Have a look at my new blog: - I would enjoy that!

    1. Hi Britta, thank you for vote of confidence regards the macarons! Best wishes Sharon

  6. Olá, Sharon! Amei a ideia da quinta imagem, lindo contraste entre mesa rústica e louças especiais.
    Amiga, bjos e uma ótima semana.

  7. I totally want a floral umbrella - it looks so pretty in that picture.

    And I will join you diving head first into caster sugar - that sounds like a good plan!!



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