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Friday, 28 September 2012

Summer is for days out - HintonAmpner

Hi everyone, although summer is well and truly over and it's officially Autumn, I thought I would post our visit to the beautiful historical country estate of Hinton Ampner, Arlesford. 

 One fine day in August during my mother's visit, we took a drive into the country for a picnic and stopped along the way to explore the vision of Ralph Dutton, the 8th and Last Lord Sherbourne.

The house was built in 1790 but was remodelled extensively in 1867 and then again in 1936 by Lord Dutton, who wanted to restore it to his vision of what a Georgian country house would look like. 

The house was again completely remodelled after a fire took place in the study in 1960, and it took Lord Dutton only three years to refurnish the house with valuable antiques, mirrors and paintings, which has given the house the interior look we see today.  As he left no heirs, on his death in 1985 he left the estate to the National Trust.

The gardens are exquisite and the views spectacular.  Admiring the gardens one can imagine elegant ladies taking early evening walks in summer before retiring...

At Christmas time the house is decorated in true traditional English style as if to receive a party of guests and the dining room laid out with the finest china all ready for a sumptuous Christmas dinner.

Apparently, this sideboard was bought for the princely sum of £8.00!!  

This is a type of jewellery box, inlaid with mirrors and tiny boxes to keep treasured trinkets

The library, where the fire started in 1960.

The walls are covered in this elegant cherry red fabric

One of the guest bedrooms

Lord Dutton's bedroom, with the sheets folded back and the pillows propped up, it would seem as though he just got out of bed...

The gardens from the bedroom window

Hope you enjoyed the visit!
Until next time...


  1. Wowwww...this is great !!...happy

  2. Well, that's another beautiful house you have found for us, and another armchair tour!
    Thank you!
    Hope you have a lovely weekend,

  3. WOW!! Fab photos Sharon! Loved the tour - what a magnificent house! Love touring these kinds of places!!


  4. Wow, this looks incredible!

    I especially love the gardens so formal but still so pretty - my favourite kind!


  5. What a magnificent home, Sharon, thanks so much for taking so many photos of this beautiful estate. I adore the interestingly shaped shrubs and the house, just fabulous. The bedroom that looked as if someone had just gotten out of bed must have made you wonder for an instant if you were intruding on someone's private space.
    Thanks so much, I enjoyed the tour tremendously! And I'm sure you did ever so much more.
    Hugs, Cindy

  6. Sharon, obrigada por compartilhar o lindo passeio, adorei!
    Amiga querida, bjos e ótimo dia.


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