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Tuesday, 25 October 2011

How to create atmosphere

There's nothing more pleasing than coming home and liking what you see when you close your front door.

Our homes are our castles and we are the queens and kings who live there.
So how do we create that chic setting.....especially when we've all got such a lot of STUFF???

Grey Willow Heart Wreath
Let's start with the dining room...

I'm going to use the word De-CLUTTER (wince!)

Think about what we do in dining rooms, and pack anything that doesn't relate to eating in a box and store it....somewhere up high....where it takes great effort to get it down!

Look at the furniture you have, and whether you use it....if you don't use it, chances are you don't need it....drop it off at the nearest charity shop....or give it a make over by giving it a paint's amazing the difference a coat of paint can make to a once dark brown table or  wall cabinet

Wall paint creates instant atmosphere 
Mirrors add depth to a room and create a focal point
Hurricane lamps and pairs of ornaments always add symmetry to a setting
Use colours which are similar or complementary
Flowers in a vase or a jug will always bring a smile to your face and to others
Paintings and object d'art with a similar theme will make your room unique and interesting

Oval planter

So now you've de-cluttered, repainted the furniture, added a few candles and created a great's time for a dinner party!!!

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