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Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Inspiration all around!!

I’m inspired!  But at the same time so humbled!  All around me people are blogging and writing, painting and photographing fabulous things and in the midst of their own personal agony!  And strangely it has inspired me to plod on and DO SOMETHING myself, like painting again….taking that wonderful atmospheric photograph…but first….I’ve had a lovely time browsing these blogs, and so you have to log on and see for yourself…

Amy Merrick… simply gorgeous, big blowsy florals and dainty snowdrops….the photographs are atmospheric and whimsical….check out her new Florist and Stylist’s website some of the most beautiful flowers and arrangements I’ve seen in a long time.


 Photos compliments of Amy Merrick from her website  - I know it just makes you want to go out and plant flowers right now.....or take a trip to the florist down the road..... – in the midst of having her entire house burnt to the ground, she managed to salvage a few pieces of art and some clothing.  I love her wide brush strokes and her funny faces – she makes painting look soooo easy!

photos from Carol Marine's art blog

Lisa Daria art blog, young adult cancer survivor .....truly an inspiration
photo from Lisa Daria's art blog

It's enough to get anyone out there doing something creative!!

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