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Friday, 7 October 2011

Something's Gotta Give

Now this is funny, peculiar...because I LOVE this film, it must be one of my all time favourites for romance, style and hhhmmm just everything about the film is SO STYLISH ....I was so taken with the film, that on our recent trip to Paris, we just had to have dinner at LA GRANDE COLBERT!!!  And it didn't disappoint, it's Art Deco so old worldy....beautiful...

and now for the peculiar part ...whilst reading Moderncountrystyle blog today, Sarah is embarking on decor style based on the film
Something's Gotta now you know why....AMAZING... 

Remember the last scene in the film, when they have dinner at La Grand Colbert - here's photos of the REAL THING....


  1. Thank you for following, I will do likewise. I tried to send a comment on your last post but it failed for some reason? Anyway, love the feel of your blog and how lucky to get to go to Paris. Dead jealous.

  2. We ate in a similar style restaraunt in Bath. Can't remember the name of it backs onto the actual Baths and the Cathedral is to the right of it if you stand with your back to the door facing out onto the square.


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