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Friday, 27 January 2012

Beauty all around us

Sometimes I take a walk and I just don't see...and other times my eyes are wide open and I 'see' as if for the first time ...

A 'gnarly' old fisherman lives here, in this tiny cottage overlooking the sea ...he keeps himself to himself...locking everyone out as well as he can

There's not a single window in this cottage, but a small air vent at the back, and a tiny chimney, which puffs out smoke in winter...and yes he does live there, I've seen him come and go...stooped down low with a sailor's bowed leg swagger...

Four bird feeders hang full of seed and ready for visiting birds to feast on...even when he's not at home.

Sometimes we forget how blessed we are ...

Hope you are enjoying your day!


  1. Beautiful pictures,i love the third it almost looks like fish bones...

    Primrose Cottage,what a pretty name for a cottage over looking the looks in better shape than mine at the moment ;)

    Have a lovely weekend xx

  2. What a funny way to live. Can you imagine living by the sea but having no windows. I hope he's happy in his little world.



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