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Sunday, 1 January 2012

A simple statement

Let's face it, Christmas is a season of EXCESS, too much to eat, too many presents, too much of everything....I'm leaning towards a more simple way of living (must be all the chocolates I've eaten over the holidays!)

A beautiful setting, plain and simple...what more could one want...

Photo compliments of Country Living

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  1. Yes, too much "stuff" can breed discontentment, that may be what is wrong with our society, speaking of Canada. Sometimes the people with the most "stuff" are the people who are the most unhappy. A simple lifestyle sounds very attractive, and that is what we have been moving toward for some time now. It has it sacrifices as well as it's rewards. The sacrifices are worthy of the rewards, though.
    Happy New Year and Hugs, Cindy


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