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Tuesday, 1 November 2011


I'm delaying the inevitable... I'm thinking about it, but doing nothing...and it's not like me to procrastinate...
I must be feeling nervous....while I bake I'm thinking about it.....painting for the first time in two years and even that was only one painting.

I've made my way through spider webs in the shed to reach my old easel, I've dug out the oils, propped the brushes in a pot and now I'm just staring at it all....I've even bought two pomegranates to paint!

Tomorrow maybe???

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  1. GO FOR IT! I had a favorite artist sign his book for me once when I was lucky enough to meet him. He told me regarding my question of how to get better at painting to just, paint and paint and paint some more. I procrastinate as well and sometimes go along for months at a time without reaching for my brushes. However when I finally get to it, I enjoy every minute and wonder why I don't keep at it all the time. Send me a picture of your pomegranates when you've finished your painting!


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