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Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Scandinavian Interiors and Design

Following my previous update, I thought I'd do an article on Scandinavian interiors which includes Norway, Denmark and Sweden, although some experts might argue it includes Finland and Iceland.

Scandinavian design emerged in the 1950s as a design movement characterised by simple design, minimalism, functionality and low cost mass production.  It embraces the philosophy that beautiful, and functional furniture should be available to everyone.

Scandinavian countries do  not enjoy as much daylight as other more southern European countries, Autumn and winter months are very dark, so it makes perfect sense that they furnish their homes in light shades - light walls, light flooring, and light furnishings with splashes of bright uplifting colours to compensate for the lack of natural daylight.

A room furnished in white with elements of grey and black.

The wooden cabinet contrasts perfectly with the white tongue and groove panelling.

 This Scandinavian office is a true reflection of Scandinavian design philosophy - minimal, modern and clean lines.  Colour is incorporated in the ochre rug, and the colourful panels hung from the ceiling seem to reflect the four seasons and add visual interest to an undeniably minimal space.  The chairs are modern and functional.  The ceiling chandelier adds the a sense of 'bling' to the overall white palette, echoing perhaps the icicles which are to come in winter....?

DANISH DESIGN is a design and architectural movement which was developed in the mid-20th century - and features functionality with industrial design.  It was influenced by the German BAUHAUS school.  DANISH designers created functional, beautiful items of furniture and household appliances that have now become iconic DANISH designs and much sought after with people who collect MID-CENTURY MODERN furniture....

Arne Jacobsen's original 1960's interior design - preserved in Room 606 at the Royal Copenhagen Hotel - one colour, clean lines, and minimal.

The Artichoke light - designed by Poul Henningsen - 1958 - do you recognise this?

 A white canvas with splashes of blond wood and a light brown leather sofa add to the quiet mood of this room.  This Danish style is reflected in the wishbone chair on the left, designed by Hans J Wegner 1950 and the black Arne Jacobsen chair.  Tulips with their green leaves and a bright green cushion acts as an accent colour to the otherwise neutral palette.  The reindeer skins serve as additional warmth on a much colder day.

Danish Teak Cabinet

Hans Wagner Shell Chair - produced in 1963...production came to a standstill but in 1997 was relaunched and in 1999 an original shell chair sold at Christie's in London for $20 000!

Sofa designed by Finn Juhl and made by Niels Vodder in 1941.

DANISH design continues to enjoy the same popularity as when it first appeared.

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  1. I love Scandinavian style. So clean and uncluttered. I use a lot of white but infuse lots of jewel tone colors. I just can't help myself. Nice site, beautiful eye candy!

  2. Hi Sharon,

    I like Scandinavian design very much. We have the butterfly chairs by Arne Jacobsen around our dining room table. They look beautiful!

    You asked me for the recipe on Ottolenghi's marinated aubergines. I found it on the internet:

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    You won't be disappointed! It really tastes delicious!

    Happy weekend!


  3. Hello Sharon,
    New laptop and now i can comment ;) yipee! I am in love with that first picture,the candle wall sconces are stunning....I love Scandinavian decor and how they use white and that is how we are keeping most of our tongue and groove so we get lots of light x


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