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Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Lavender and vintage coffee cups

Hi everyone, have you heard the news?

Summer is finally on its way...
Down in the south of England, we've enjoyed wonderful weather lately and I've been taking full advantage and cycling almost daily .

You know I love Lavender and I love vintage crockery.  I'm really hopeless with gardens, and always claim I can't grow a weed, but I can grow Lavender (although I confess it pretty much grows on its own!) and I have a profusion right now, just outside my front door.  I use it to make Lavender heart biscuits, I also add  fresh Lavender to sponge cakes and I use it in the frosting too.... I have a bit of a thing for Lavender.  I lay bunches of it on window sills and when it gets warm, it gives off the most beautiful aroma.

A few weeks back I found this lovely little six piece coffee set in the small town of Emsworth.  Emsworth is a beautiful little seaside town and they have some lovely antique shops and quaint old fashioned pubs and they're usually crowded with locals and their dogs, so it's hard to get a seat!  The community centre were having a sale, and a beautiful lady of a certain age, sold me these cups for £2.  I couldn't quite believe it.  I thought she meant they were £2 for a cup and saucer!  

I love the specs of lilac in the cups, it's such an old fashioned pattern but I simply love it!

A little drizzly rain has come to visit this morning but hey, it's good for the plants!

Have a great day!



  1. Hi Sharon,
    The cups are really beautiful!
    Lavender is a wonderful plant, also I love it. Very nice photos :)
    I hope summer will last longer !
    Have a good day ,

  2. Thanks for the tip on placing lavender on window sills; going to try that one out. Perhaps even in the hut!

  3. Hi Sharon
    Lovely pictures, I also love lavender and can never leave a garden centre without yet another pot! this year I've found the new white variety which kind of defeats the object colour wise but it's beautiful in its own right.
    Have a lovely day!

  4. Hi Sharon,
    Lovely bargain cups!
    I haven't been blessed with green fingers either but I also find lavender easy to grow. Some always grows down our front path and all I ever do is give it a good cut back when the flowers have gone over.
    Anyway, more importantly, I wanted to thank you for nominating me for the blogger award, that was very kind! It might take me a little while to get it done but I'll try....! We are of to the coast for a week on Friday so I'm hoping for lots of sunshine and not too many showers!
    Essie x

  5. I LOVE vintage tea sets they are just so pretty for afternoon tea - yours are gorgeous! and what a bargain!! Glad to hear the sun is out in your part of the world!


  6. Hi Sharon - what a lovely idea to lay lavender on the window ledge - I'll definitely try that idea - I too adore the smell of lavender, and it grows very well here in Norfolk! What a bargain your cups are - and SO pretty - perfect for a Summer afternoon tea party in the garden (IF the rain holds off!)
    Best wishes,
    Paula xx

  7. Dear Sharon ... I absolutely love lavender as well and I put it on my cupcakes as decoration. It is hard to grow here in Queensland, Australia due to the humidity but I give it a good shot! Thank-you so much for visiting and I hope you are enjoying a beautiful English summer! My husband's sister lives in London and they actually headed for France with the Olympics on! Have a great week and best wishes


  8. Lavanda es una de mis plantas favoritas. Las tazas son preciosas.

    Un cariñoso abrazo.



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