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Wednesday, 11 July 2012

The Vyne

Hi everyone, is this weather for real?  As we have visitors from afar, we thought we'd take them to The Vyne, a 16th century country house just outside of Basingstoke. 

Thankfully we were inside when it rained, but we can't let the weather get us down!

I love history and so these historical homes in England really satisfy my interest in both the exterior architecture and interior design.

The house was built for Lord Sandys, Henry VIII's Lord Chamberlain.  The classical portico was added in 1654

The Vyne belonged to Horace Walpole's close friend, John Chaloner Chute, who designed the palladian staircase

Beautiful oak paneled walls

A beautiful mirror and console table - nothing we do in interior design today is really new... it's all inspired by the past

A close up of the above antique light which is just exquisite!

I love this room, it's panelled wood, very minimalist and dark without the floor lamp, but it has a real sense of history

All set for afternoon tea...

A sparse but comfortable bedroom

The walls of the bedroom were full of these beautifully executed watercolours - when I asked, I was told they were painted by three sisters who resided in the house.

the bathroom just off the single bedroom

The gardens are beautifully laid out and despite the incessant rain we've had lately, the flowers are in full bloom

A place for quiet contemplation overlooking the lake

It's nearly weekend again...


  1. What an absolutely FABULOUS place! It's so hard to believe that would have been a single family dwelling. I love old architecture, if I lived there I would be excited to visit those old homes.
    The exterior is absolutely delightful, the gardens and grassy areas! Love!!!
    Hugs, Cindy

  2. Oh that is one beautiful house! it has been so long since we have visited anywhere with the cottage but when she is finished i intend to join the National Trust again,i really miss visiting homes such as this one x

  3. What a fantastic place it is just beautiful. The gardens are magnuificant. Thanks for sharing.


  4. WOW!,
    I grew up in Basingstoke, and am ashamed to say that I never knew that The Vine was such a treasure.
    Great images of a wonderful house.
    Hope you have a lovely day,

  5. It was wonderful to be able to see through this beautiful building.
    My ancestor was a manservant to John Chalanor Chute in mid 1700s at The Vyne & I doubt we will ever get to see this personally so thank you.

    Adrian from New Zealand


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