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Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Telling a story

Hi everyone, I haven't been posting my usual beautiful interiors posts lately, so forgive me.  I'm back on track and looking at beautiful interiors to inspire and share with you all.

Anything goes in interiors nowadays and there is so much inspiration around.  On one of my weekend cycle rides recently I found a great retro inspired cafe called Pie and Vinyl, and I just had to go in.

  With only four tables, it has a real 70s feel, with brown furniture, fringed lamp shades and dark green walls - but guess what - it really works.  From the vintage sugar bowls to the barley twist chairs.  It's all about putting the individual pieces together to create a harmonising whole.  There's added visual interest with the addition of vinyl covers and posters on the wall.  They are a vivid and welcome addition to an otherwise bland retro look.

(photos 1 and 2 by me)

When you're looking to create a specific look,  look for pieces of furniture and accessories that have a similar theme and throw in the odd whimsical element for added interest.

So whatever look you are trying to achieve, ensure that you have individual pieces that when put together in one space, tell your story.

This green interior reminds me of a's the light flooding into the space, the orchids and the collection of earth globes.  In the background there is a microscope and peacock feathers in a vase.  A few landscape paintings and the scene is set...

(last 2 photos from Pinterest)

Have a great day!


  1. lovely photos, the green is most wonderful and calming. The others are such a great glimpse of imagination and love of color and the design of different eras. Thanks for sharing these

  2. Sharon, I love the look of this cafe, must try to visit sometime! I also like the green room a lot. We have one of those horrid 70s plastic conservatories on the back of our old cottage and I am trying to disguise it by using a lot of green and bringing the garden in.


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