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Friday, 20 July 2012

Thank you Silvia!

I'm always pleasantly surprised and somewhat taken aback when I receive blog awards - there are so many creative inspiring bloggers out there!

So imagine my surprise when I hopped over to a dear blogger friend, Silvia from  to find that she has nominated 10 blogs to receive the Kreativ Blogger award and I'm one of them - we share similar interior styles and she loves colour just like I do plus - she always leaves me such wonderful comments!'  Thank you dear Silvia!

One of the rules of accepting the award is to reveal 10 things that your readers don't know about you...

1.  I'm proudly British,  I would love to drive a Red Mini Cooper with the Union Jack flag on both side mirrors and the roof ! Overkill??

2.  My favourite colour is RED

(image from Pinterest)

3.  I spent my youth in the exotic country of South Africa.  These beautiful women who are wearing Ndebele colours and neckrings are a  familiar sight to me.  Each region has it's own tribe and these ladies are from the area I lived in.  I have wonderful memories of my time there.

 Ndebele women - proudly wearing neckrings that never get taken off - this is one of my earliest memories as a young girl in South Africa
(image from google)

4.  I love all things French - my ancestors were French - so the family story goes and throughout my youth it cultivated a love of all things French - not surprising really!

5.   I love so many different types of art, but one of my favourite artists is Gerhard Richter here  His 'blurred' images are really emotive and stopped me in my tracks when I first set eyes on them.

image from here

6.   I admire Zaha Hadid and her designs - especially her architecture here

7.   There are two books that have had a profound influence on me - the Bible and The Man Who Listens to Horses by Monty Roberts. 
8.  There is one lovely lady who is responsible for igniting my interest in antiques and collecting. Her name is Mrs Cooper.  I was 18 years old and she was my boyfriend's mother.  She was an avid collector of antiques and went to many auctions. She shared her passion with me.  Her home was dark and mysteriously exotic looking, having spent many years living in Singapore,  it was filled to the brim with beautiful ornate furniture and small eastern treasures.  I have many antiques which she gifted me during my youth and I will never part with them.

9.  My philosophy is 'life is an adventure' - it's a journey to be experienced - if my husband came home and announced we were moving to Finland, I'd start packing already - I told you I'm a bit of a nomad!
(image from Pinterest)

10.  I'm on my biggest journey yet -I've started a new business; but guess what - life is an adventure and I'm not finished with mine yet.  

Okay, enough of the BIG REVEAL ...

I now have to pass this onto 10 other creative bloggers.  I follow quite a few bloggers and it's tough choosing just 10 but here we are:

1.  The Beach Hut Cook - for creative ways of cooking in a beach hut - here

2.  Shingle Cottage - K's creativity in building and furnishing her beautiful cottage is unending - you inspire me! here

3.  Kazzy at Country Rabbit here

4.  The lovely American/Irish lady Tia, from Cottage by the Sea - here

5.  Jill at Nice day at Rosies - here

6.  The lovely Lesley from Riddler's Cottage - here

7.  Minerva from Mrs Black's This and That  - here

8.  Carola from Boxwood Cottage - here

9.  Regina from the beautiful blog Casa del Retalhos -here

10.  Essie from Pingere Antiques - here

Have a great weekend!


  1. Dear Sharon, So sorry, blogger misbehaved and removed my comment! I was reading your post and thinking what a nice award you had won, and much deserved too. And how interesting your life has been. I do love that mini and did own one which I always intended to have painted with a Union Jack! And then ..... I reached the bottom of your post and went, 'Eeeeek!' Thank you so much for nominating us, much appreciated. We shall try to live up to it. Mrs Black has just come in from the garden to inspire me to write about it soon. But first we are off to look at the other honoured blogs! Thank you! x

  2. Olá, Sharon que bom que você aceitou o desafio! Amiga, adorei saber das tuas aventuras...deve ter sido muito interessante viver na Africa e conhecer de perto os costumes.Compartilho do gosto por antiguidades, principalmente orientais.
    Bjos e muito sucesso!

  3. Dear Sharon, how surprised I was when I read your comment. Thank you so much for offering this award to my blog. I already placed in my Selinhos/Award page. I created this page because I could not find the time to follow the rules that come with Awards, but I am very thankful and glad when I get one.

    It's very nice to learn a little bit about you. It might have been very interesting to grow up in a different culture.

    Thank you again dear Sharon.

    1. Hi Sharon,
      Wow i just arrived home from my little cottage and saw your message,thank you so much for thinking of me when picking your ten blogs,i shall have to sit and write a post and hope it is as exciting as yours,loved reading more about you!
      Oooooh big reveal? intriguing my dear,very intriguing ;)
      I hope your weekend was wonderful x

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